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How to go bold

How to go bold

Here are some top tips on how to ‘go bold’. Whether it’s to achieve headturning elegance or grow old disgracefully now is the time take advantage of the new level of selfassurance that we are feeling.

Haircut Start by getting a new stylish cut to show off the best features of your face. Check out hairdressers that have been recommended by friends or even online and pop in for a consultation which is usually free in most salons. Make sure to take pictures of styles you’re thinking about, and take advantage of their expertise by asking for their recommendation on new trends that might suit you. Remember….Older doesn’t always mean hair has to be shorter! You may well be able to try out some longer waves or even the ontrend “Lob” (The long bob!) With the help of hair oils and more advanced conditioners, we are now able to maintain longer hair and keep it in good condition whatever your age. Try massaging a few drops of L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil through your hair to remove wispiness and give beautiful youthful gloss. Hair Colour Don't assume you have to stay grey or ash blonde. Try eyecatching Grace Kelly platinum, or experiment with wigs to see what is the boldest bright blonde, auburn or brunette you can get away with, while still complementing your natural skin tone. Then colour your own hair using a similar shade. Avoid the harsh bleach of our youth; It’s far less damaging to the hair. For the Grace Kelly look go for L’Oréal Paris Excellence Blonde Legends 9.32, or if you decide your colouring can take a natural looking rich auburn, like Excellence 5.6. Hair Volume It is a sad reality that, along with many other changes, women suffer from hair loss when going through menopause. Scientists are making progress with tackling this but in the meantime help is at hand. Volumising hairsprays take advantage of some of the latest technology and help to maintain volume in your hair. Britain’s bestselling hairspray Elnett Precious Oil is a 2in1 product that provides allday hold along with nourishing oils to condition the hair and add shine. Foundation Many older women can go seriously wrong with thick foundation especially when using the wrong colour, with layers of powder on top. Years ago, there were strict instructions to use powder to prevent ‘shine.’ In fact shine is youthful while heavy powder makes skin look and feel dry and lifeless. Nowadays foundations can feel lighter on the skin whilst still making it appear smoother, firmer and more dewy. L’Oréal Paris Nutrilift Gold Foundation includes reflective micro particles for a radianceboosting lift. Lip Colour Headturning hair must go with careful makeup. Before you take the plunge make sure you choose shades that complement the hair colour. You may feel safer with a matte coral – perhaps Color Riche 229 – rather than a bright red, but brilliant lipstick on a laughing mouth can look surprisingly alluring on an older woman. If you don’t believe us, have a look at how amazing Helen looks in the Color Riche 297 she is wearing in our latest ad. Eye Shadow If you are going for a bold statement lipstick, you might try something more understated for your eyes – or have stronger eye colour with paler lips. The quickest way to experiment is by using a collection such as La Palette from Color Riche. The only golden rule is to steer clear of glitter eye shadows which can collect in the creases of the lids and enhance the appearance of older skin. Mascara Another product not to be afraid of. Your lashes like your hair may thin with age, but you still need to make the most of them. You may feel happier in a lighter brown shade, but black can still work well whatever your age Volume Million Lashes Excess helps you to achieve that bold look without clumping. Eyebrows Eyebrows also tend to thin and lose colour like your hair. Recreating them has to be done with care. If you have given up trying to find a colour that works on a more mature face, help is at hand. Try L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper in 02 blonde. Make Up Remover As always, your make up must be thoroughly removed every night, and this is never more important than on mature skin. Age Perfect wipes are specially designed for gently removing make up from more delicate skin, whilst Absolute Eye Make Up Remover for Eye and Lip is designed to remove waterproof or longlasting make up formulations. Cleanser Many cleansers are too harsh for mature skin. A good cleanser should remove make up and dead skin cells without scrubbing or leaving delicate facial skin feeling dry, red or irritated. If yours is not performing, stop using it! Age Perfect Cleansing Milk and Toner, are both specially formulated for mature skin for a gentle but thorough cleanse. Moisturiser Now you have tested out your bold new make up, you need to make sure it is always maintained by good, healthy skin underneath. Moisturiser is essential at any age and never more so than when it can restore a dewy fresh look to tired skin. So, just like Helen Mirren, why not try our Age Perfect Day Cream for extra hydration and more radiant looking skin.

We are living in an age that values older women in a way never experienced by previous generations. Society neither expects nor wants us to disappear into obscurity, and many women are choosing a bold new look to make sure they remain part of it. Stunning actresses such as Helen Mirren are leading the way with their mastery of a style that restores contrast and radiance to their looks without the fatal overlay of ‘trying too hard’. This boldness with hair, makeup and clothes is just as important for the rest of us who want to stay out there working and playing an active part in the wider world. Feeling selfconfident good about yourself and how you look, is the central theme in the new philosophy that says there is nothing wrong with experimenting with a new look even when you have already been through several generations of new styles, colours and haircuts. As Helen says herself: “A lot of women get stuck at what they did between the ages of 18 and 28 and they never have the courage to change that.” She points out that you still see women in their 70s with 1960s beehives, or women who developed a ‘style’ in the 1980s and have kept it ever since. “My advice is to look at what’s happening now and go with the flow, don’t do what you did when you were 24,” she says. Women are now being offered the opportunity and the tools to reinvent themselves whatever their age. It is possible to transform the way we see ourselves – and you may find you have more selfconfidence to carry off a striking new look as a mature woman, than you did as a hesitant youngster. Read on for some top tips and inspiration on how to "go bold". e are living in an age that values older women in a way never experienced by previous generations. Society neither expects nor wants us to disappear into obscurity, and many women are choosing a bold new look to make sure they remain part of it. We are living in an age that values older women in a way never experienced by previous generations. Society neither expects nor wants us to disappear into obscurity, and many women are choosing a bold new look to make sure they remain part of it.

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