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Rock Bronde or Wild Bronde?

Rock Bronde or Wild Bronde?

Everyone knows there's more than just one shade of brown, blonde, and red, but what about bronde?

WILD BRONDE: a bronde look that's slightly matte, naturally sun kissed and totally Californian. Apply the dye by simply brushing it through the hair in a natural movement to create sparse, natural looking variations in tone. SOPHISTICATED CITY BRONDE: For a highshine colour that's equal parts sophisticated and stylish, apply the colour uniquely to the bottom of the hair. ROCK BRONDE: For a natural, edgy look, focus the colour around the sections that frame your face and the ends. Highcontrast and headturning!

Yes, believe it or not, even bronde comes in variations that can lean from blondebronde to brownbronde, offering different effects. If you're wondering 'which bronde is right for me?' read on…

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