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Meet our stars on the set of the shooting of the new Fibrology TV Ad. Discover more about them and why they love Fibrology!

What is your favourite Fibrology product and why? I love the Fibrology Conditioner: it nourishes my hair without leaving it greasy, my hair feels super silky and it has such a delicious smell that lasts all day! What is your top tip for using Fibrology? Really work the Shampoo into a deep lather, don't be afraid of slathering on the Booster then Conditioner and lastly – rinse with cool water for a glossy finish! What is your Fibrology routine? I shampoo, add Thickening Booster (every other wash), condition, rinse with cold water for shine, rough blow dry and twizzle hair in to a loose bun to create a natural wave! Do you have a Fibrology secret you want to share? Shampoo, condition, brush and blowdry hair upside down to give that that extra bit of Fibrology oomph! Hair is voluminous, full of life and appears thicker for longer! Describe your experience of the Fibrology TV shoot from the casting session to the shoot this week A surreal whirlwind of perfectlycoiffed, sleek, sweetsmelling hair! From a laidback, show me your hands casting to outfit choices galore before the big day – it was brilliantly managed, communicated and executed by all those involved. I'm very proud of being a momentary L'Oréal girl and my hair is too!

Hair is voluminous, full of life and appears thicker for longer!

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