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Grey Hair

Grey Hair

Blonde or brunette, straight or wavy hair, it can feel like the end of the world when you notice your first grey hairs arriving. But it's not that bad: it's a hereditary matter. So what can you do?

Your colour options One option is to accept your new grey hairs : dispersed throughout or localised as highlights, they break up your flat natural colour. The second option is to use a hair colour to cover greys and help enhance your natural colour or change your natural colour if you feel like it. Have you got a few grey hairs spaced out throughout your scalp? Toneontone colour is for you : it will help to cover your first grey hairs and the colour disappears after 28 washes. You can even try highlights and surprise yourself! Have you got between 3050% grey hair? Opt for toneontone colour: not only will it offer optimal grey coverage, it will also give a result close to your original colour, full of nuances, tones and highlights. Its effect lasts for up to 28 washes. Is your hair mostly white? For perfect coverage, you will need an oxidant based colorant that will offer permanent colour until your hair grows back and is not washed away by shampoo for longlasting colour. The right product : Excellence, which conditions and looks after coloured hair at the same time as colouring it. Why does hair go grey? The natural colour of your hair depends on the quantity and dispersion of melanin pigments inside each hair fibre. ere are two types : eumelanin and pheomelanin blondes and lighter reds. These pigments are produced by melanocyte cells situated at the base of the hair follicles. The age at which you will first notice grey hair is largely hereditary. Grey hair is not a problem though!

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