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How To Create a Skin Care regime

How To Create a Skin Care regime

Too many cleansers, serums, oils and creams to choose from? We talk you through them so you can create your own skincare regime.

Morning cleanse The morning is all about waking up your skin and giving it the protection it needs to face the day. Start by cleansing the skin with your cleanser of choice. You might want to use a wash to freshen up that lathers with water, or a milky cleanser for more comfort that you remove with cotton wool. Or you could try something a bit different, like L’Oréal’s new Extraordinary Oils Miracle Cleansing Oil, which instantly dissolves traces of makeup and impurities. You massage a couple of drops into dry skin and then rinse off. Or go for the new Skin Perfection Micellar Water suitable for sensitive or delicate skin – a cleansing water that you can apply with cotton wool and don’t need to rinse off. If you are in a hurry there’s no harm in using a cleansing wipe – also handy for your handbag. A couple of times a week your skin will appreciate an exfoliator, such as Skin Perfection Radiance revealing gentle exfoliator, which will make it feel instantly smoother and more refined. Morning moisture When deciding on your moisturising regime remember that you want to work through products from lightest to heaviest. So start with a serum – which has a high concentration of ingredients. Serums are formulated to be absorbed quickly into the skin to deliver efficacy. Follow the serum with your moisturiser of choice, including a SPF factor if you are planning on spending time outside. Moisturisers work by putting a protective barrier between the skin and the outside world. Remember to avoid the eye area when applying your daily moisturiser and instead use an eye cream for this delicate part of your face. As a quick tip finish off with a blur cream, which diffuses light on the skin to instantly blur lines, wrinkles and pores. It also works as a great primer for makeup! Night At the end of the day remove your makeup with your usual cleanser or a specific makeup remover such as Absolute Makeup Remover Eye and Lip. Then moisturise your face before bed with your most hardworking cream. Choose a rich, thick night cream such as Cell Renew Night.

With all the serums, oils, washes and creams on the market it can be difficult to know where to begin, and how to use things in the proper order. We demystify the process with our simple stepbystep guide.

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