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How To Make the most of bath time

How To Make the most of bath time

Celebrate bath time and make it a joy for your little one with L’Oréal Kids and Disney•Pixar. Discover our top tips on how to bring Joy to bath time.

Bath time is something that your little one will either love or loathe. And then there’s the topic of hair washing – let’s put it this way, at least we don’t have to do it every day! Joking aside, it’s perfectly normal for your tot to dislike their hair getting washed or even stepping into the bath! With help from our friends at L’Oréal Kids who have teamed up with Disney•Pixar and its new film ‘Inside Out’, we give you some of the best tips for happy bathing. Inside Out is based around a young girl who is controlled by five emotions – Joy, Disgust, Sadness, Anger and Fear – all of which little ones can feel during bath time. Here we show you how to tackle them. Fear It’s totally natural to want to wash our little one’s hair as quickly as possible so in some cases we may just quickly dash cups of water over our babies' heads out of nowhereand then wonder why they get scared. The best way to keep them happy is to have a flannel on hand to cover their eyes, tell them to look at the ceiling and give them some warning! Use distraction too. Sing or talk to your little one while you shampoo, or hand them a bath toy to play with. Joy Bath time is a great opportunity to tickle your little one's senses. Your baby will get a kick out of touching different textures — a bath sponge, a wet washcloth and shaving cream, to name a few. When they are able to grasp large objects give them some stacking cups for lots of fun! Right from the earliest age your child is learning basic scientific concepts: dry/wet, hot/cold, empty/full, before/after. As they pour, splash and drip, they are observing cause and effect and being introduced to basic physics such as why water falls downwards (all without knowing it, of course). Anger Little (and big!) ones can get stroppy when they are tired so keep this in mind when it comes to bath times. If your toddler gets grumpy after dinner, try to bathe them him before instead. If they are tired, cut the bath short. Detract your little ones attention and keep them calm by getting creative. Bath paints and crayons are a great way for your toddler to unleash his artistic side in the bath. Sadness Don't leave hair washing until the end of the bath. Hair washing can turn into a battle and make your little one sad, so try tackling it first. This way your little one will have the rest of their bath time to have fun and relax. We all know how cranky we get when we’re trying to brush out knots so keep the sadness at bay with L'Oréal Kids Pear Tangle Tamer to easily get rid of knotty hair. Disgust Don't forget to clean squirty bath toys regularly – mould can build up inside these… Using child friendly shampoos such as L'Oréal Kids, which has been formula tested under opthamologist control and also means no tears! We love L'Oréal Kids fruity fragrances too, as they include strawberry, mango, grape, and leave your little one smelling good enough to eat! In cinemas from July24th. Watch the trailer Enter the competition for your chance to win one of 100 Inside out Soft Toys & L'Oréal Kids hair care products. Sign up to enter.

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