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The Beginners Guide to Self-Tan

The Beginners Guide to Self-Tan

Want a golden tan without relying on the sun, or exposing your skin to damaging UV rays? Achieve the perfect selftan, with our stepbystep guide.

Why expose your skin to harmful UV rays and risk premature skin ageing, when you can give yourself a golden allover tan effect in moments? Now here’s our stepbystep guide. Prepare your skin If you have time try to prep your skin before tanning. Start by exfoliating dead skin cells and moisturising dry areas before applying your chosen selftan. Use L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Exfotonic Body Gel, with exfoliating microbeads to help smooth and refine the skin and prepare it for selftanning. Next apply a small amount of moisturiser, like L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Nourishing Body Lotion Tan Optimiser exclusively to drier skin areas – such as knees, elbows. Be careful not to overdo it, as too much oil on your skin will interfere with the selftan process. Choose your formula There are many different selftanning options to choose from. Lotions, sprays, gels, mousses and wipes. See our piece on choosing your selftan formula. Some will provide a tan lasting up to two weeks*, while others will wash off in the shower. Experiment to see which one you prefer. And remember, you don’t have to stick to a single formula for each application, you can mix and match products on different parts of your body to achieve the perfect tan effect. Try using a spray for hardtoreach areas such as your back, for example, and a lotion for the rest of your body. Choose your shade Make sure you are using something designed to give you the finished shade you are after. For a dark tan effect, try L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Express Pro SelfTanning Dry Mist. If you prefer a lighter glow, then try L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Express Pro SelfTanning Dry Mist Light Tan. Application With a selftanning spray formula, use downward strokes for the best coverage. When using a lotion, mousse or gel, don’t skimp, for using too little can stretch the tan, causing it to break and streak. Work in sections so you know the areas you have done and where you have yet to apply coverage. Face Always use a product specifically designed for the face, as this is a delicate area. Try L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Express Pro SelfTanning Dry Mist for face, which will give you a naturallooking, airbrush effect with no fake tan smell. If you are fair haired, make sure you wipe your brows with a cotton bud after applying selftan so they don’t get coloured. *Instrumental test after 3 applications

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