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The Causes Of Oily Skin

The Causes Of Oily Skin

Get oily skin under control – and keep it that way.

Are you experiencing breakthrough shine? Excess oil? Is your foundation slipping by lunchtime? The skin’s oilproducing sebaceous glands can sometimes go into overdrive, leaving you with unwanted oily residue that just keeps coming. In dealing with oily skin it helps to understand the causes behind it. These include: • Using the wrong skincare products. • Seasonal changes. Both the heat and humidity of summer, and the dryness of winter can trigger oily skin. • Stress – your response to it can stimulate skin oils. • Hormones – different life stages and even times of the month can all be factors. • Sunshine – although tanning can initially dry your skin, it soon stimulates a surge in protective skin oils. • Genetics – sometimes it’s just because you’re born that way. With so many causes, you might think you’d need a range of strategies to tackle oily skin. But actually all it takes is a methodical, consistent approach, and a wellformulated range of skincare products you can trust. Cleanse your skin morning and night with something like Skin Perfection Purifying wash following up with an alcoholfree toner that doesn’t dry your skin – Skin Perfection Toner will do the trick. Finally, apply a light, oilfree moisturiser such as L’Oréal Triple Active Anti Shine, as your skin still needs moisture, even if it tends to be oily. Stick to your routine, and you’ll soon have your oily skin look under control.

If you find yourself with oily skin, help is at hand. We explore the factors that can cause oily skin, and explain the steps you can take to tackle oily skin effectively.

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