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What Hair Colour suits your age?

What Hair Colour suits your age?

Here are some top tips to help you decide on the right colour for you.

Age 20: The age of possibilities; the door is open for extreme styles! Thanks to your fresh looking skin and eyes, you can afford to be daring : red pepper, platinum blonde, crow black… "Too much" doesn't apply at your age! Be careful however to treat your hair with the right products it's never too early to look after your hair. Age 30: Knowing what works for you; you can still use colour as a fashion accessory, however by 30 you have probably found your style; you change your look less often and you know the shades and styles that suit you best. Don't be afraid to adapt your look in many different ways: highlights, lowlights and shimmering tones... Age 40: An age of blossoming; our goal is for soft and shiny hair. Shimmering blondes, honey or coppery browns… Colour becomes a real part of your personality, a signature which adds to your femininity. Age 50: Serene maturity; at 50 ageing well is more important than looking younger. Shiny, well cut hair with impeccable colour is the order of the day. Now is the time to try softer tones that draw attention to your face : perhaps an ash or deep blonde, a light chestnut...

It doesn't matter, hair colour is not determined by age and is limited only by our imagination (and technology of course)!

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